Welcome to Trillium

It was unexpected.

No one thought it would be us.

But we’re the new voice against the status quo.

We are the new counter culture.

While the ruling party and the opposition embrace divisive identity politics and socialism we represent something different.

"We are a group of your friends and neighbours who believe we need to make a change to make things better. We have a passion for creating a higher standard of living for the people in our community. We believe in a better future for our kids. Be different. Join us today."


We represent greater individual freedoms,

free speech and property rights.

This is what liberal used to mean.

We represent less government in our daily lives, less regulations, lower taxes and labor market flexibility.

This is what conservative used to mean.

If a member of the ruling party or the opposition doesn’t believe in these fundamentals, they should just admit to being a socialist and join the third party.


Our policies are based on the values that have given our community one of the highest standards of living in our world for many decades.

We believe in an honest day’s pay for honest day’s work.

We believe in living within your means and saving a little bit for a rainy day.

We believe in leaving your community a better place than you found it.

We believe in leaving it better for our kids.

Be different.

Join us and be part of the counter culture.

Vote Trillium.